Fans Staging Coup Against Disney With STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Remake


There exists in the Twitterverse a group called “Remake the Last Jedi”.  They have one goal, and that is to remake The Last Jedi in a way that pleases all the fans and erases Rian Johnson’s version from canon.  They have 5,600 followers and claim to be able to cover the budget having supposedly already raised $15 million dollars.

Rian Johnson mocked back at this feeble attempt by tweeting “please please please please pleeeeeeeaaaase please actually make this happen please please please please please (13 prayer hands follow)”

As I read this I cant help but wonder where sanity and logic has gone in the Star Wars fan base.  They are going to make Star Wars movies as long as they show a profit.  Lets face it.  Making movies is about making money, not some altruistic fan service.  There are going to be films that people don’t like.  There will be more characters that fans don’t like.  Disney will make missteps.  For the fan base to have turned so spiteful, hateful and just plain stupid speaks very poorly of said fan base.  If the Star Wars is truly this angry and broken then perhaps it is time for Star Wars to end – permanently.

Thankfully I know the true base is solid and good to its core, and yes this can include people that did not like Last Jedi.  This site is falling to its own ignorance and stupidity.  A poll on their very own Twitter site asks “Would you support a reboot of Star Wars and go see a remake of the last Jedi in theaters.”  Their very own premise is LOSING 85-15%!  They ask If an entity was offering to cover the entire budget of a remake would you be excited, teary eyed good, pissed but still see it, teary eyed bad.  Teary eyed bad is winning with 73% of the vote!  Add in pissed and the number is at 81%.

They claim to have $15 million to back this.  Well first of all the Last Jedi budget is rumored to be around $200 million.  Congrats guys you in theory have raised 7% of the budget needed.  Hope you have deeper pockets than that.  If you read through their posts they don’t have this money in a swiss bank account somewhere.  They have people pledging to donate the money.  Given how many posts are openly mocking the site you don’t think there are people going on there posting false sums of money in rather generous quantities??

This site claims to want to make a version that will be equitable for all.  According to every last number ive seen, the only people pleased would be in the 15% of “fans”.  Last I checked that is a rather small minority.  Who are they kidding.

Add in the “fans” that are hurting other titles to show how pissed they are, and this is a fan base that really needs to sort itself out.  Stunts like this only serve to shut a property down.  Disney has already shown they will show Star Wars no favoritism.  Disney has also now made its money back and with merchandising money could quit every thing Star Wars and still profit.  IS that what fans truly want?


poll on their site 85-15 against

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