EXCLUSIVE: Chip Lynn Returning For Beast Morphers To Maintain A Familiar Feel Of POWER RANGERS


Chip Lynn started off on Power Rangers as a Production Manager and then worked his way up to being an Executive Producer and show runner for the long running franchise. More recently he was brought in as the show runner of Dino Charge, which at the time, was welcomed change from Jonathan Tzachor, who had come off of the poorly received start of the Neo-Saban era.

This wouldn’t be the first time Chip was brought in to save Power Rangers. Back in 2009 Lynn would replace Eddie Gazelian, who didn’t have anything to lose and was given full freedom in terms of creativity on Power Rangers RPM. Gazelian would later state, ”With a show like Power Rangers it can be very easy to get lost in the spectacle … or the desire to sell toys, or the need to use footage … and forget that all of those things [that] should really only exist to develop the characters and serve the story. If not, the show is lost.” Arguably, many fans feel Gazelian was putting in some of the best work on the show and Chip may have derailed the plans Gazelian set in place.

Many also feel that the first season of Power Ranger Dino Charge was a breath of fresh air, but the show definitely hit a slump during Dino Super Charge with uninspired storytelling and a lot of missed opportunities. As a fan a lot of us gave Lynn a pass for the second half of Dino Charge and our anticipation grew with Ninja Steel. At Morphicon two years ago you could feel the energy in the air for the anticipation of Ninja Steel to only be let down when it debuted last January. The story is almost a retread of Dino Charge’s major plot of a missing father. The highlights of the show are the charm of the current cast, but hopefully the 25th anniversary episode can at least hit expectation to leave us with a good taste in our mouths for the last Saban Power Rangers show.

Recently, during a panel at Super Hero Summer Fest we hosted a panel comprising of Rangers from the past. Davi Santos who played Sir Ivan, the Gold Ranger, confirmed that Chip Lynn would be returning to the show and he would bring a familiar feel to what we recognize. Here’s what he had to say:

Chip Lynn is still part of the Executive Producing team and if you don’t know, Chip was there for the original Power Rangers series. He was there for Dino Charge and of course, afterwords for Ninja Steel, so and Time Force, so I feel that there will be an consistency that we’re used to because of Chip,”

At this point, we as fans may want to try something different.  Credit must be given to Chip and Saban for deciding to take a chance on Go-Buster, which is a previously skipped Sentai series. Lynn may have something very specific in mind for this season so we’re going to do out best to remain optimistic, at least until we see the 25th anniversary episode.





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