Simultaneously, Robert Kirkman Has An Invincible Movie AND an Animated Series In The Works


After a brief bout of confusion, it was revealed today that, Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman has his hit comic Invincible greenlit for not one, but 2 projects; a live action movie AND an Animated series.

In February, well known laugher, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg announced plans to write and direct a live-action movie based on Robert Kirkman’s hit comic “Invincible” about the young superhero, Mark Grayson. Mark is the un-powered son of a Superman-esk hero names Omni-Man. During Mark’s senior year of high school he suddenly develops powers, but his excitement is cut short when he also discovers his dad’s secret plans for World Domination.

In a confusing moment this morning, THR announced that Robert Kirkman, himself and Teen Titans veteran Simon Racioppa are producing 8 hour-long animated episodes, based on the same comic for Amazon.

This caused a lot of buzz that Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg had lost the movie, but an hour later, it was confirmed that Universal still has the project in development, meaning that we are getting a double dose of Kirkman’s Invincible, one live action feature film from Universal and another Animated Amazon series. It seems that although they will both follow the same content and story, the productions/universes will be completely separate… for now.

I remember it was only a couple years ago that rumors were circulation about a live action series for AMC based on Kirkman’s Walking Dead success. Than, it was an animated film that spread through comic store gossip- but now it turns out to be neither. Kirkman’s epic, award winning, run on Invincible recently ended with issue #144. Although Mark Greyson’s story in the comic is over, it lives on… and on. Joe Panik Womens Jersey

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