REVIEW: Man Of Steel #4- A Great Battle in Metropolis Almost Makes Up for Villain’s Crappy Name!


What am I talking about this time: The Man Of Steel #4

Written by:

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Kevin Maguire

Cover by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis

Overall Review: A hesitant 5 out of 5 Kandors

Is it worth a $3.99? Hells yeah!!!

Spoiler Free Review:

YES!! A great battle in the skies of Metropolis, the connection to Action #1000, The baddie has a master plan, and a disappointing reveal and possibly maneuver. There are two things in this comic that will either pay off or tank the rating and I won’t know until later issues, so I might have to come revise this review, but until then I loved it. I loved the art, the pacing, the story, the dialogue… It all just works, everything had a purpose and fit, with great action and great emotion to balance.

Spoilery Review:

We open on a beautiful close up of Superman’s eye, reflecting back Rogol Zaar’s angry face, the entire page harkening back to the first page of each of the past few issues. Then we get right to the action, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!! It’s a good one, at first Superman and Supergirl seem to have the upper hand, then the standard fare bystander gets caught up and Supes saves them, only for the villains to take the advantage scenario, but then the battle kind of evens out as Superman tries to out think him, but Rogol is taking on two Kryptonians at once and holding his own. He makes with the disappearing act and Superman and Supergirl go back to back ready for anything. Superman tells Supergirl to get behind him and it prompts our flashback to the moment Lois and Jon disappeared; A ship appears and out steps Jor-El, who oddly re-introduces himself as everyone already knows who he is and says Jon needs to come with him.

Here is the first sticking point for me. I hate this Jor-El/OZ character/story. That arc was garbage, the reveal awful, so I’m immediately booing at the page. But the sequence is handled well, and it makes sense in the story as this guy claims to be connected to Jor-El… so fine, for now, I’ll allow it without any deduction of points. FOR NOW. But so help me, if this doesn’t play out, I’ll tale ½ a point off! Don’t test me, I’ll do It!!!

We come back and it’s now immediately after the story from Action Comics #1000, Rogol beat the snot out of Superman and Green Lantern is there to help him. GL is looking a little silly, but I kinda like it.

Superman flies back to the fortress of solitude to find Rogol waiting for him. Rogol has deduced Kal-El has a kid and wants to kill all Kryptonians, that’s why he let Superman live, to lead him to his son. Rogol is about to strike Superman when ol’ Soopy starts to glow red, than BOOM.

Second side Note: I hate the solar flare power. It’s pretty dumb and Superman doesn’t need it writing wise… feels very gimiky to me, BUT, I can’t be sure that’s what is happening here so I’m, again, holding off removing half a point. Maybe this and the Jo-El thing will play out!? Maybe not. We’ll see.

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