REVIEW: Justice League #2 Finally Gives Us The Lex Luthor We’ve Always Wanted


What am I talking about this time: Justice League #2, “The Totality” part two

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Jorge Jimenez

Cover by: Jorge Jimenez

Variant cover by: Scott Williams, Jim Lee


Overall Review: 5 out of 5 Laughing Luthors

Is it worth a $3.99? A resounding yes!! But the hell out of this comic!

Spoiler Free Review:

Every page of this comic can be best summed up as “Bad Ass”!!! The art: Bad Ass, The Story: Bad Ass, The Characters..ALL. Bad. Ass. Every time I turned the page I was smiling ear to ear and fully enjoying it. This is what comics are about people… Characters at their best/worst, danger that threatens everything, a story that challenges the way we think of our heroes (and villians), but still keeping true to who they are. Soon as I was done, all I wanted to do was call my friends so we could talk about it.

Let’s. Do. This.

Spoilery Review:

How sick is that Martian Manhunter cover!?!?!!?!!?

We open on Lex giving what appears to be a standardized political speech, very reminiscent of his long ago in another timeline/universe run for the presidency.

That is, until you find out he’s talking to 5 guys in old, run down, army Legionnaire’s club. He tells them they have 30seconds until he blows the place up, which he does, but then he sees a door with a strange symbol on it.

Out in space, John Stewart is contacted by the swamp thing in a few amazingly drawn panels to relay a message form Batman, telling John that the JL needs him. In a great moment, Bats tell him they need him because he’s an architect, and they need to build. A great reference to who john is as a character, oh and while he’s talking the entire JL is battling against a massively mutated and almost Kaiju Killer Croc.

We cut back to Lex forming the Legion of Doom in a creepy scene where Gorilla Grodd holds a baby that gives him more power, which is crazy great, but not as great as when Lex reveals how he sees the events of Dark Nights: Metal. When the heroes tore a whole in the source wall and epic shit came through… he doesn’t think the wall was there to protect us from what’s on the other side- No, he sees the walls purpose as protecting the other side from HIM. Cause he’s Lex Mother-Fucking Luthor and of course that is exactly how he’s see this!!!

Back with the heroes, Superman and Martain Manhunter find Hawkgirl and Flash fixing a car and ask Hawkgirl to join them on a mission. What mission, just shrinking her and Batman down and injecting them into Superman and Martian Manhunter’s body… you know, how the Justice League do.

And just when you think this comic can’t get any more bat-shit insane and amazing… it does. Sinestro shows up as part of a new set of colored ring corps… the Ultraviolet Corps!!


Oh yeah, by the way, the plot of this comic is that “The Totality”, something from beyond the source wall, the thing that mutated Killer Croc, landed in the desert and looks like a giant head with a force field around it… you know, how cosmic heads do.


Then just as Superman and Martian Manhuner enter the force field to get to creepy head with Hawkgirl and Batman inside them… John Stewart garbed in the Ultraviolet Corps colors and uniform breaks into the Hall of Justice to kill the rest o the League.


Back at the Legion of Doom headquarters, Cheetah smells something and slashes off Lex’s face to reveal he’s a Mother F’n Robot.

Why? cause he’s transmitting from another location.

Where? Inside Mother Fucking Superman!!!!


And with all this craziness and bad-assery, my fav part of this comic is the panel that shows Lex smiling like the maniacally evil villain he is, reveling in just that… being a villain!

I cannot wait for the next issue!!!! Serge Ibaka Authentic Jersey

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