REVIEW: Batman Prelude To The Wedding – Red Hood Vs. Anarchy #1, This Comic Is As Bad As The Cover, So Judge It Harshly


What am I talking about this time: Sadly, “Batman Prelude To The Wedding – Red Hood Vs. Anarchy #1”


Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Javier Fernandez

Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque


Overall Review: 1 out of 5 garbage cans.

Is it worth a $3.99? NO!!!!! In 2 years when you find this comic in the $0.25 Bin during your local comic book store’s going our of business sale and the owner rolls his eyes and says, “Just take it, I don’t care”, the cost of your time reading it will still be too high.

Spoiler Free Review:

You know those free comics they used to hand out at carnivals or events of Superman meeting the Quick Bunny that are really just an ad for kids? Well, those comics had more depth, thought, and more importantly, a purpose than this issue.

Seriously, were fans clamoring for this fight? Were people huddling around comic stores and cons asking, “Who would win in a fight between Anarchy and the Red Hood”, and I missed it?! I hope this issue sells like hot cakes and proves me wrong, but it’s still a stinker. When both characters came out, I was all in- but since Rebirth, both have become shadows of their former selves in both development and story. Also, one last thing before I get into this… They are pitting a mildly popular character with a Red Helmet against a deeply popular, kinda lame, villain with a gold mask. What’s the connection here, who paired this up, is there any way in hell the Red Hood might lose to Anarchy, and beyond anything else, who cares!?!?!?!

Don’t think I’m just crapping on them here, the writing is bad and Batman acts like a dumb jerk… a jerkface, if you will.

Sigh… let’s do this.

The art is fine. Sometimes he only draws faces with a basic set of eyes and then a few lines for the nose and mouth, and sometimes he actually draws a face, but I’ll chalk it up to a style choice and we can walk away friends.    The writing is a whole different ball game, Anarchy’s plot seems like a good idea, but is moronically carried out in the most feeble and easily defeated way. Also, the fight is pathetic to say the least, almost as much as the comic as a whole.

Spoilery Review:

Ok, here we go.

Let’s start with the cover, The cover shows Anrachy fighting the Red Hood as the later proclaims, “You crashed the wrong party, jerkface.” That’s your cover page and it won’t get better, people.

So, Selena is having her bachelorette party and Batman sends Red Hood to watch over her cause he’s an awful bro now, apparently. Batman pays him $150,000 to do so, so he does it.

Meanwhile, Anarchy has gathered people from all different politically sides, tricking them into believing them it is a rally for the opposition so they all fight… or something like that. They everyone will put masks to show them what the other people are doing and they will fight for that or something. Anarchy and Red Hood then fight, essentially semi-bonding about what a terrible father figure Batman is. There’s one scene where Anarchy says something and it effects Red Hood, but you can’t tell how cause in he’s wearing his Red Hood and his reaction in the next panel is the same as the previous. This works on 2 levels cause the other way you can look at these panels is that the artist only had to draw one and then just copy/paste it to make two.

Then Red Hood stops everyone by donating his money to all the causes to stop them… or something. And then Arnarchy and Red Hood end up in the hospital and Red Hood beats him one last time… or something. Then the comic ends, but not before we see Joker opening envelops looking for his invite… again… not furthering that story.

To close out here is Catwoman dancing like a white guy with no rhythm.

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