Power Rangers Join Forces To Stop Lord Drakkon: Shattered Grid #28 Review


The Latest issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shattered Grid #28 just released and it wastes no time. We finally get to see Lord Drakkon’s Forces take on the Army that Kimberly and Jen Scott put together! Before we continue on with this review just know there will be spoilers, so turn away if you haven’t read the comic.

Spoilers Ahead!

Kimberly and Jen join forces in order to collect enough rangers to take on Lord Drakkon.

What is awesome about this duo is that Jen gets to educate Kimberly on the effects of time travel and how it is important to only change things that will not have a huge impact on the timeline. Kimberly is really stuck on getting Tommy back, but Jen wants her to know that if she gets him back things will never be the same.  We didn’t get to see this team in the last issue but in this issue we finally learn why.

The Pink Rangers have been busy recruiting Rangers from all over the timeline. Including Lightspeed, Megaforce, Dino Thunder , Dino Charge and more members from other teams.

The Red Ranger team which consisted of Jason and Lauren joined forces with the RPM team with one goal. Get Dr K back to the main timeline and use her knowledge to stop Lord Drakkon.

For some reason Dr K. refuses to leave because she believes she can do more by staying. She carries so much weight on her shoulders because she was responsible for the Venjix virus and now she is responsible for one more thing the reason why they cannot teleport out of the Dome. This issue really expands on alot of the Power Ranger mythos and that is all things to the respect that the writers give the series.

And the last team that we see is Zack, Trini and Billy as they go back to Lord Drakkon’s time to team up with the coinless to free Ninjor.

Things seem so dark and when the RPM Rangers believe they lost Kimberly and Jen’s Ranger Enforcements arrive to even the score.

Although we gained the upper hand Lord Drakkon was still able to snatch an RPM morpher and will probably use their energy to create a new suit.

I really enjoyed this issue it did seem like a filler and i cant wait to see what the Rangers will do back in the normal timeline. There is so much to think about like what will Lord Drakkon’s new suit look like. What will he benefit from taking RPM powers? Will he be able to counter whatever Dr. K is cooking up? Which Black Ranger took that last fatal shot? Will Ninjor play a huge part in taking down Lord Drakkon?




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