Friendships Are Tested In WWE #18


Two best friends become bitter rivals in their quest for gold in WWE #18.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been on the road for years.  They wrestled small shows for 40 people and barely had enough gas money to make it to the next wrestling show.  However, Zayn is still convinced they are living the dream because they get to make money doing what they love.

Eight years ago after just such a wrestling show Owens had enough.  He decided that enough is enough and it’s time for a change. Owens and Zayn make a pact that night they will do whatever it takes to make it into the WWE.

In the present Owens and Zayn are both in the WWE, but just as Zayn is at the top of NXT as its champion Owens attacks him. At this moment Owens became a different person and the feud between Owens and Zayn began.

Owens lives by the code of doing whatever he wants, but says Zayn does whatever he is told.  He tells Zayn because of that he will never win gold in the WWE.  However, this comment really hits home with him. Zayn can’t stop thinking about it as Owens prepares for a Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon.

I am a huge wrestling fan and I love seeing the backstage stuff which takes place at WWE.  This is a comic which gives the reader a glimpse into what backstage at WWE is like. However, this comic is done 100 percent in storyline and in character.

Doing it that way is really interesting and gives new depth to the story.  This storyline had already happened so I know what is about to take place, but it is cool seeing what Zayn and Owens are thinking about prior to and during the storyline.

The characters are done perfectly and look, sound and act exactly how they do in WWE.  It is done so well that Zayn’s stupid dance is even in the issue.

A big question some may be wondering is if a non-wrestling fan will enjoy the issue.  However, as much as I enjoyed the issue I think the answer is no. A lot of stuff in between the key events are left out.  If the reader does not know those events I think they will really be lost or bored. I think the key is remembering these events during reading.

The issue works well as a recap of the feud and the events following.  However, with a lot of the context missing the issue suffers.

This is a perfect issue for me, but I don’t think it is really accessible for a new or non-wrestling fans.  The problem is if the reader is not a fan of wrestling then why would they read a wrestling comic? I think the issue could have included a little more context to the relationship between Owens and Zayn so I have to mark it down a little bit.

WWE #18 is the perfect comic for wrestling fans, but only for wrestling fans.






Written by: Dennis Hopeless

Art by: Serg Acuna and Doug Garbark

Cover by: Dan Mora

Release: 6/20/18

Issue: 18

Publisher: BOOM! Studios Franco Harris Authentic Jersey

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