EXCLUSIVE: POWER RANGERS’ Ciara Hanna Thinks Hasbro Taking Over The Franchise Is What It Needed


Hasbro taking over the Power Rangers franchise is not the first time that the multi-colored heroes have been outside of Saban. Many remember the Disney-Era of the show with mainly positive reviews from standout seasons like Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, and RPM. The Disney-Era came into being when Disney bought Fox Family Worldwide, which included Power Rangers in 2001 and took over the reigns of Power Rangers Wild Force while it was still in production. The Disney-Era lasted 10 years, ending in 2011 when Saban acquired back his baby leading us into the Ne0-Saban-Era which has yet to live up to fans full expectation.

Now, with Hasbro taking control of the franchise we probably won’t start seeing the effects unit Power Morphicon in August of this year when, and if they announce the cast of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the first Hasbro season, but one thing we haven’t really heard is how the past Rangers feel about Hasbro taking over the franchise. Last weekend at the Super Hero Summer Fest in Alhambra California That Hashtag Show hosted a panel with past Rangers. One of the Rangers on the panel was Ciara Hanna, Gia, from Power Rangers Megaforce.

During the panel we wanted to find out what what she thought about Hasbro taking over the successful franchise. Ciara Hanna thinks Hasbro taking over is a breath of fresh air and possibly what the franchise needed.

I think it’s great just because it’s new and exciting to this company and they’re going to put a lot of new ideas and work into it. And I think that’s what Power Rangers needed, is someone fresh with fresh ideas. It’s like getting a new toy. You like want to play with it all the time. I think that’s what we needed verses years down the line like, yeah it’s a cool toy, I should play with that sometime. I just like the whole freshness of it. I think it’s going to be really great for Power Rangers and who knows, maybe we’ll go back…”

We couldn’t agree more. It almost felt as if Saban was getting stagnant with their storytelling and miss opportunities from past seasons, Hanna’s being one of them. During her season we saw past Rangers team-up for the 20th year of the show, but it the effort from Saban almost felt phoned in. We’re hoping Hasbro takes more care with the franchise and shows it the love it deserves. Brendan Langley Authentic Jersey

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