EXCLUSIVE: A Pair of New Character Descriptions for DC Streaming’s ‘SWAMP THING’


It was recently reported by the team at Omega Underground that production on DC Universe’s Swamp Thing would begin this September in North Carolina. It’s been revealed that Abby Arcane will join Alec Holland as the series’ leads but we’ve gotten our hands on breakdowns for two additional characters, including the series’ villain!

Len Wein’s Swamp Thing first appeared in a 1971 issue of DC’s anthology book House of Secrets before spinning out into his own series in 1972, so there are over 35 years worth of stories to tell and many characters to choose from, but it seems that the James Wan produced series is going to be heavily influenced by some of Wein’s earliest work and introduce a pair of characters first seen in 1972’s Swamp Thing #1. Check out the breakdowns below.

Matthew Cable

He is the sheriff of the town and former high school sweetheart to Abby Arcane. A good guy with anger issues.

DC is looking for someone in their mid-30’s to fill this role and are using actor James Marsden as their prototype. In the comics, Cable was a government agent working a security detail on Alec Holland’s project. Of course Cable couldn’t protect Holland and his wife and, driven by his failure, sought vengeance on those who killed them. Cable married Abby Arcane, eventually went crazy and gained some reality-altering powers, died, was resurrected by the Sandman character Morpheus and even ran into Doom Patrol during his days. While we’re not sure what arc is in store for this iteration of his character, it’s safe to say we’ll see him hunting down some of those responsible for the “death” of Alec Holland, including the series main antagonist.

Series Villain

DC is looking to cast someone late-40s to late-50s in the mold of Lawrence Fishburne or Jeff Goldblum (because let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you want one of those guys?) to play a “smart, slick and cunning” villain. To be fair, that description doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on, but it doesn’t seem too big of a stretch to wonder if that villain might not be Swamp Thing’s longtime nemesis, Anton Arcane.

A scientist and magician fixated on immortality, Arcane, the uncle of Abby, finds a way to “cure” Alec, stripping him of his powers and replacing him as the Swamp Thing with the intention of using the great powers to pursue his evil agenda.  Louis Jordan played Arcane in the 1982 Swamp Thing film and the 1989 sequel, giving those of you who saw those two gems an idea of what kind of man Holland, Arcane and Cable will be going up against.

Of course it’s also possible that given the Sunderland Corporation’s role in the series that this villain is NOT Arcane, but instead General Avery Carlton Sunderland. The President and CEO of Sunderland Corporation, the general worked to uncover the mystery of Alec Holland and the Swamp Thing and was eventually responsible for bringing Jason Woodrue, aka the Floronic Man, into the mix.

So while there are some options on the table, this IS a horror series and Arcane seems like a much more sustainable and appropriate villain than Sunderland, but as of now, we can’t be sure just who this villain is and can only offer our own insight and opinion.


What are your thoughts on these two new characters and the roles they’ll play in the upcoming DC Universe series? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more on this story as it develops.



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