Cate Shortland Leads List of Potential ‘BLACK WIDOW’ Directors


Marvel Studios is all in on a solo Black Widow film and is, reportedly, closing in on finding a director for the Scarlett Johansson vehicle. According to a report, the studio, which has been meeting with directors for over a month, has culled a list of 49 potential candidates down to 3 and Australian born Cate Shortland has the lead, with Amma Asante and Maggie Betts also still under consideration.

Shortland is most recognized for her work helming the 2012 German period drama, Lore, which followed a young girl and her siblings, whose parents were Nazis, as they learn the truth about their parents and their beliefs as World War II comes to an end. Her experience with that film is intriguing given that the Black Widow film will follow Natasha post-Cold War, exploring how she transitioned from a Russian assassin to an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Asante also has experience working on period pieces, with both Belle and Where Hands Touch under her belt, and is also attached to Walden Media’s The Billion Dollar Spy. Betts has just one feature film under her belt, the 1960’s period drama, Novitiate, which follows a young woman’s struggles as she prepares to become a Catholic nun.

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