Exclusive: SYLVIA HOEKS Eyed To Play Tara Chace In Ridley Scott’s QUEEN & COUNTRY


Another comic book property will be making it’s way to the big screen and we have the very first casting details. That Hashtag Show has learned Sylvia Hoeks is the frontrunner to play Tara Chace in Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Queen & Country.

Based on the Oni Press comic book from writer Greg Rucka, Queen & Country follows a British spy named Tara Chace. She’s an operative of “the Minders,” a Special Operations Section of Mi6. She takes on dangerous missions while also dealing with bureaucracy and politics.

Sylvia Hoeks would be playing Tara Chace:

A brilliant and emotionally detached woman who was raised by her father in the Scottish wilderness. Chace is recruited out of Cambridge to join MI6. She specifically becomes a “Minder,” a group of three super-elite assassins with a very low life expectancy. After her closest associates are killed and her superiors betray her, she finds herself alone on a mission to take down a terrorist cell in Saudi Arabia.

Sylvia Hoeks, who can be seen next in The Girl In The Spider’s Web, was born in the Netherlands. She started modeling as a teenager and eventually started getting work in several Dutch films. Her most notable work being the 2007 dark comedy Duska for which she won the Dutch equivalent of the Oscar.

sylvia hoeksAs the breakout star of Blade Runner 2049, she trained for months to gain sixteen pounds of muscle for the role. Her villainous character was somehow both as terrifying and intimidating as she was empathetic. Acting chops and Karate chops are just some of the things Sylvia Hoeks can bring into the world of espionage.

A few weeks back it was announced that Ridley Scott was in talks with Fox to helm the big-screen adaptation. Scott will reportedly also produce and direct the project. Scott has also been rumored to helm Disney’s ‘The Merlin Saga,’ but there’s no word on whether those talks had fallen apart, or if Queen & Country is his new first-priority.

A film adaptation for Queen & Country has been in limbo since it was optioned in 2007 by 20th Century Fox. Several draft scripts have been penned since and in 2013 it was reported that Ellen Page was in negotiations to play Tara Chace. Those conversations have since fallen through.

If Queen & Country were to come through, this would not be Rucka’s first original work to make it onto the big screen. An adaptation of his 1998 series Whiteout was released by Warner Bros. in 2009.

As for Sylvia Hoeks, this would be her first leading role in Hollywood. And with female spies being all the rage, the role of Tara Chace could make her a household name. Neil Walker Womens Jersey

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