E3: We Got To Play Pokemon: Let’s Go!


Pokémon: Let’s Go! Pikachu And Let’s Go Eevee Will Be A Mashup of the Pokémon Go! Mobile Game And Pokémon Yellow

When Nintendo revealed the first set of “core RPG” Pokémon games for the Switch titled Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee, they said that they would be similar to the Pokémon Go! mobile game and geared for the casual pokémon player. Some fans were disappointed with this news, feeling that this game aimed towards players new to the franchise and would just be a shell of the game they love. But fear not, because the Pokéball Plus makes it an enjoyable and realistic experience!

The game will feature a Pokémon Go-style catching system, connectivity with the mobile game and a co-op mode. Just like in Pokémon Yellow, you will be accompanied by Pikachu in Let’s Go! Pikachu and by Eevee in Let’s Go! Eevee where you will be able to interact, pet and battle with in order to deepen your bond with them. You also choose an additional buddy pokémon to follow you and interact with.

The Pokéball Plus Is A Fully Functioning Bluetooth Controller With A Built-In Speaker, Vibrating Motors And Flashing Lights

The Pokéball Plus gives players what they’ve been wanting and that is an immersive experience that makes you feel like a real trainer. It will replace the traditional Joy-Con during gameplay, and is complete with joystick and buttons. You “throw” the ball towards the screen in order to catch the Pokémon (don’t actually let go like I did during the demo). The controller will react with lights depending on whether you catch the pokémon or not and make a sound once the pokémon is caught. It will also come pre-loaded with a legendary Mew to start.

The Pokéball Plus will be sold separately for $50 USD and can be purchased in a game bundle for $100 USD. Preorders for the Pokéball Plus are open now and will ship Nov 16th.

The Gameplay Featured At E3 Did Not Disappoint And Left Me Wanting To Play More!

At E3, the demo only allowed us to wander around the Viridian Forest catching pokémon and battling trainers using the Pokéball Plus. The controller felt comfortable, easy to use, and kid friendly. The graphics in the game were updated from what we usually see in Pokémon games and even feature small details like the fur on Pikachu’s back. You can easily see where all the pokémon are located in the grass with no hidden ones so you know what you’re going to encounter. Red and blue swirls also help you determine the size of the wild pokemon which is helpful for the advanced Pokemon trainer to get that perfect pokémon catch. Experience is earned from every successful catch and battle and will be spread to all the pokémon in your squad, so no unnecessary game grinding to level up. They emphasized that this game is meant for the casual pokémon player, so there was no word on what quests or missions we would see in the game. Overall I really enjoyed playing Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and can’t wait to see how this will lead into the other announced “core RPG” Pokémon game based off of X/Y and Sun/Moon.



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