The Approaching Storm: What’s Next For STAR WARS?


Here in the Midwest, its common-place to have that quiet afternoon where the sun is out and the clouds are few. There’s still that feeling that you know in your bones – a storm is coming.  Sure enough the afternoon turns black and here come the tornados and hail.  Star Wars is in that state of quiet calm before the storm of two tv series and Chapter 9 strike.

With Solo now out of the way, we now enter that quiet period where there is nothing coming for well over a year.  Like that Midwest weather though, the storm is coming, and it begins now.  We have known for awhile now that Jon Favreau is doing a television series set in the Star Wars universe.  Word is now coming out that production may begin this fall.    You have to assume that this new show will be one of the main launching vehicles for the Disney streaming service.

It makes sense that production would have to begin soon to be ready for the streaming launch next fall, but will they want all the shooting done before release or will they finish shooting the episodes as the series opens?  Given how secret Disney is liking to keep all things Star Wars I’d be willing to bet they wrap production before the first episode airs (or all the episodes are released).  We have yet to hear how Disney will run their shows, binge release or one per week or perhaps a mix depending on the show.

We still know very little about what Favreau will be doing with his show.  It will be just after Return of the Jedi, but who will it follow and what will it cover?  We have to assume the main cast will be out of the picture given the ages of the actors and the fact we are missing our Princess.  Granted a drooling fan base would love to see Sebastian Stan play Luke.  We could have Alden Ehrenreich as Solo, but that might cause issues with the dark side fans.  One character I would love to see, and would fit the timing, would be Genevieve O’Reilly returning as Mon Mothma.  We could see the political side through her eyes.  Donald Glover could reprise his role as Lando, but I don’t know that he would be willing to give up his hot Hollywood career for the show.  One would think we should start hearing casting reports pretty quickly.

With Farveau I think we will see a series that will be see a solid story and very well told, with great, well developed, characters.  I don’t expect this to be a great show that is dark and hard hitting as that is not Favreau’s style, but you look at his resume of great films from Elf to Ironman to The Jungle Book and the forth coming Lion King live action movie, this dude knows how to tell solid stories with great characters.

Details may be lacking right now but I assure you, this is merely the quiet before the storm. Hau’oli Kikaha Womens Jersey

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