Studio Trigger And Arc System Works Have Announced “Kill La Kill The Game”


For all of you Anime fans, another game is getting released. Animation House Studio Trigger and Game Publisher Arc System Works announced that they are working on a game based on the Anime “Kill La Kill.” APLUS Games is developing the game and it is set for release sometime in 2019.

On the official website for the game, it is listed as a “battle action” game, and it will be able to support 2 players. It also seems like it will be able to play in the same vein as Dragon Ball FighterZ or the recently announced Jump Force.

It hasn’t been announced what platforms will be having this game released to them. But more information will be released in July at Anime Expo in LA. Arc Systems will be having a booth at AX, and Kill-La-Kill Character Designer Sushio and Creative Officer Hiromi Wakabayashi will be featured at the booth and he is also one of the Guests-of-Honor as well. And you can check out the game announcement above, and some images from the announcement below.

Source: IGN

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