[SPOILERS] This Sith Lord Is Back: But What’s His Role Going Forward?



At the end of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, we get to see one of the most unexpected cameos. If you think you saw it coming, you didn’t. The cast wasn’t even aware that Darth Maul would be making a surprise appearance. That being said, when I saw Maul appear on the big screen again, my geekness went haywire. Which then led me to start speculating on theories as to what his roll in a future movie or movies could be. We know that he is the mastermind behind the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate, and that he has plans that involve Qi’Ra, who pretty much left Solo, well, solo. Qi’ra is ordered by a haggard but still extremely intimidating Darth Maul to meet him at his homeworld of Dathomir. And that’s where we are left off at. And now the questions and theories are the next logical course.

The first obvious question…will we see Darth Maul again in future movies, or will he be just a background story? The next obvious questions…when, where, and how might we see him again? The logical answer would be in the recently announced Obi-Wan stand alone film. If you’ve watched the animated series “Star Wars Rebels”, the animated series “Star Wars Clone Wars”, and of course have seen the not so popular prequel movies, then you know that those two characters have quite the history. Leading to so many ways these two could be tied together in the Obi-Wan movie. Might we even see Maul in other movies? It would be interesting to see what happens to Crimson Dawn and how he ultimately becomes the bad-ass that we know him to be, leading to him also becoming a “puppet” of the Empire. So Darth Maul being part of the Obi-Wan movie would be probably the thing fans want to see the most. And with the way that “Solo” ended, Qi’ra will likely be his pawn and be a major part of how he and Crimson Dawn are played out.

Which makes me ponder this…knowing that Maul runs Crimson Dawn, has survived being cut in half, given mechanical legs, and returning to power, a story involving his attempt at using Crimson Dawn to control the underworld, helping him gain power and prestige with Vader and the Emporer, and ultimately draw out Obi-Wan into another massive showdown, could be an amazing story. A story that fans ultimately want to see, and a story that would draw fans to to the theaters; even after “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has not been the big box office hit that previous Star Wars movies have been, which has led to a bad taste in some “fans'” mouths. I personally loved “Solo”,  I think it will be very successful when it comes to home video, and I would love a sequel, but it hurt to see the movie and the overall movie going public not on the same page, thus putting any chance at a sequel in serious jeopardy.

But be that as it may, the movie has led to so many possibilities moving forward for great story arcs in future movies. Not just Maul, but also Jabba the Hutt, Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders, Boba Fett…the possibilities are endless, the theories thick with juicy ideas and thoughts to spark stories and conversations. These will be explored in future articles, but for now, we can only sit and wait for more standalone movies and future trilogies to come into fruition.

Hopefully this is not the last we have seen of the double-bladed lightsaber wielding Zabraak, and that future movies will explore deeper into one of the most popular and fan favorite characters in a galaxy far, far away. Would love to hear your thoughts and theories on Darth Maul and his future in the SWEU. Wilbert Montgomery Authentic Jersey

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