Hartley Sawyer Promoted To Series Regular For The Flash Season 5


Hartley Sawyer who played Ralph Dibny a.k.a The Elongated Man in The Flash Season 4 has been confirmed to return for the 5th season of The Flash and more importantly is returning in a series regular position. So we will be seeing a lot more of Ralph in the next season of The Flash.

Ralph Dibny was brought into the season to add some conflict to Team Flash due to Barry and Ralph’s complicated past. This then evolved to a fantastic story arc that transformed Ralph from an over the hill ex detective to a fully fledged stretchy hero known as The Elongated Man who ascended to be Barry’s new sidekick after Wally’s departure.

This news tells us that we will be seeing a lot more of Ralph as he will be appearing in most if not all of the episodes next season. Therefore it would be nice to see Ralph get his own personal storyline next season that is dedicated to him, based on the leaks we have received regarding The Flash Season 5, it seems like we may be getting the introduction of Sue Dibny (Ralph’s famous wife from the comics). Should Sue be introduced, it would help Ralph grow and develop even more than he did in Season 4 and will continue to make viewers relate to him on a personal level which is the one element of the character that he is lacking.

Also we will be sure to see more use of Ralph’s stretchy powers with more screen time available. Hopefully this means more weird and wonderful ways for Ralph to help save the city alongside Barry. This news could also hint at Ralph returning to his old position of Detective at the CCPD, potentially becoming the new partner of Joe West. Also given that Captain Singh was about to offer Barry his old job back in the Season 4 finale, we can have our members of Team Flash working together on cases outside of STAR Labs while doing police work like we saw in the earlier seasons.

It is great news to see a well received character like Ralph get the recognition to be upgraded to a series regular position. It seems like The Flash is trying to create a more consistent main cast with the promotion of Hartley Sawyer but also with Danielle Nicolet who plays D.A Cecile Horton also being promoted to a series regular for Season 5. Either way we are sure to see a lot more of our favourite characters returning for Season 5 and we will be seeing a lot more of them which is always a good thing.

Source: comicbookmovie.com

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