EXCLUSIVE: Todd Phillips’ ‘JOKER’ Origin Film Assembles Production Crew Ahead of September Start


As Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment shuffle the board under the supervision of new DC-based films President Walter Hamada, they have decided to move ahead on one project: Todd Phillips’ Untitled Joker origin story, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of CrimeThe film is set to take part in a sort of Elseworlds universe, apart from the continuity of the existing Justice League universe that began with Man of Steel, giving Phillips complete freedom on the project. Now, thanks to a source with knowledge of the production, we have some info on the crew that Phillips has assembled to help him bring this unique vision to life.

It was recently reported by Omega Underground that production would begin this fall and we can confirm that DC is targeting a September start, in New York, with filming expected to wrap in before the holiday season begins in mid-December. With the start date just a few months off, Phillips will likely be working closely alongside his casting director, Shayna Markowitz (Ocean’s 8), to fill key roles over the next month or two. While the project remains officially untitled, it’s being developed under the working title Romeo.

Mark Scoon will serve as the executive in charge of production, a role he has filled on both Wonder Woman films, overseeing Phillips, who wrote the screenplay and will also serve as one of the film’s producers. According to our source, Phillips has added cinematographer Lawrence Sher, who is currently in post-production on Godzilla: King of Monsters, and worked with Phillips on the Hangover trilogy. Mark Friedberg (Noah) will serve as the film’s production designer, working with Phillips to create the film’s visual aesthetics, and will also work alongside costume designer Mark Bridges (Fifty Shades of Grey, The Italian Job).

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