EXCLUSIVE: Character Details for the Joaquin Phoenix ‘JOKER’ Film


The Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker solo film has generated a lot of buzz since it was first announced last year and now, under the supervision of new DC Films head exec Walter Hamada, has become a priority at Warner Bros. Filming will begin this September, under the supervision of writer/director/producer Todd Phillips. The film, which will take place in an Elseworlds-esque universe under a separate banner from the existing DC films, has been a bit of a mystery…until now. The Joker movie is one of the hottest projects in development right now and we have some info on it that you won’t find anywhere else.

According to our source, not only will this film stand firmly outside the existing DC films’ continuity, but it may also be creating an entirely new Joker mythology, apart from DC Comics. As Todd Phillips and casting director Shayna Markowitz approach the tentative September start of production, they are looking to assemble a cast of characters that doesn’t exactly fit the bill of anyone recognizable from the DC Comics source material. Below, we have descriptions for 8 characters set to support the arc of Joaquin Phoenix as he becomes the Joker.


Supporting Female (60-74) Caucasian. Lower class, very attractive in her younger days, still feels that way about herself. But recently her health has started failing, and she’s nearly bedridden in her Lower East Side apartment which she shares with her grown son who just moved back home. She’s obsessed with her former employer and can’t believe that this is what her life has come to, that she has ended up here, like this… 

Could this be the mother of the Joker? She’s certainly the right age range, with Phoenix playing a 35-40 year old version of the Clown Prince of Crime. If this is his mother and, if his transition to the Joker is incited by her death, it could represent an interesting parallel that Phillips is willing to draw between the Joker and Batman. We do know that Penny will have struggled with mental illness and that they will also be looking to cast a younger actress, in her late 20s, to play an earlier version of Penny.

Sophie Dumond

Supporting female (27-34) to play African American or to play Latina. Not beautiful, has a hardness to her, a single mother living on the Lower East Side, doing the best she can, trying to make ends meet; worn out by the grind of the city. She understands how the system is stacked against her and the people in her community, how unjust it all is for them. She’s just trying to catch a break..

Sophie could represent a potential love interest for Phoenix’s Joker or a potential partner in crime…or both. Her four year old daughter, Gigi, will also play a small role in the film.

Murray Franklin

Male (65-75) Caucasian

While no further description was given to us about this character, we are told the role is a very strong supporting one and that Phillips, along with co-producer Martin Scorsese, may be targeting Hollywood legend Robert DeNiro for the role. Scorsese and DeNiro have been frequent collaborators since 1973’s Mean Streets, with iconic films such as Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Cape Fear and Casino on their shared resumes.


Supporting Male (40-59)Caucasian. Thinks he’s the wisest and most knowledgeable person in any room he’s in, tries to present himself as a mentor to everybody, but is really just looking out for himself, burly.


Supporting Male (30-49) any ethnicity to play a dwarf; Randall’s best friend, he’s good-natured and a buddy to his colleagues at work, one of the only decent people in the whole movie.

Randall and Gary are obviously some sort of team and while we don’t know where they work together (a hotel, a mental hospital, a bank and a “Good Morning” talk show are among the set pieces being designed for the film), their relationship will likely come into play at some point.

Hoyt Vaughn

Supporting Male (50-69) any ethnicity the old-school manager of hotel staff. He’s seen it all, and finds it difficult to give a shit about much of anything anymore

Detective Garrity

Supporting Male (50-59) any ethnicity. Police Detective in a city on the brink; a by-the-book cop, worn down by all his years on the force. He doesn’t care about or take into consideration any of the societal or political ramifications of his cases.

Detective Burke

Supporting Male (30-39) any ethnicity. A Police Detective and Garrity’s partner; he’s an asshole, who gets off by being in a position of authority. Being a cop is how he defines himself.

You can’t be the Joker if you’re not out murdering people and breaking the law, so Garrity and Burke, who sound like they work for a city an awful lot like Gotham, will probably be on the case and, potentially, among the Joker’s victims.

These are just a handful of the dozens of new characters that Phillips will bring to life when the Untitled Joker film hits theaters next year. From what we’ve given you, what can you glean about the film’s plot? Let us know in the comments!

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