Comic Rewind: Control


The death of Sergeant Kate Burnham’s partner is just the start of a deep conspiracy in Control.

Burnham and her partner, Mitch, get a text from dispatch saying an officer is down and needs help.  The location is right around the corner so they rush over. They pass by a man on the stairwell and he says the shots came from upstairs.

When they get to the room they see two officers down and a guy hanging with a noose around his neck.  One officer is barely clinging to life and describes the man they passed on the stairwell. Mitch goes after the shooter, but Burnham stays to try to save the hanging man.However, the shooter was waiting outside and shoots Mitch and kills him.

After Mitch’s death Burnham is given a task force to find the killer.  However, the longer the investigation goes on the bigger the conspiracy exposed.  Senators, police and everyone in between is caught up in it. When a conspiracy gets this big it is hard to know who can be trusted.

Control was written by Angela Cruickshank and Andy Diggle with art by Andrea Mutti and Vladimir Popov.  Dynamite Entertainment published the volume in 2017.

I thought I would read another crime comic.  Recently I have been reading a lot of crime comics and some have been really good and others not so much.  However, this I really liked and caught me off-guard.

Dynamite publishing it had me unsure how good it would be.  I’ve read some of their stuff before and liked it, but when I think of Dynamite I think of super old comics.  They publish The Shadow, Green Hornet and The Lone Ranger.  The fact they can do something so modern was surprising.  I really need to not be so closed minded.

Burnham was a really good and relatable character.  She was tough as nails, but I could also see the soft side of her just trying to find justice for her friend.  It is hard not to make a character like that a superhero and still have her be tough. However, they did it and I’m glad.

The story was deep and complicated, but it was never over complicated where I was confused.  There was not a lot of characters so I never got lost in who was who. Sometimes in a story like this a ton of characters are thrown in to make the story seem better, but this did not.

I was really amazed by how a complicated story could be contained in a one volume story.  When reading multiple volume stories I feel like they can’t tell half the story this book did.  It is really nice to read a little self contained story and be perfectly satisfied at the end.

This is the perfect little crime story for anyone who needs to scratch that itch like I often need to do.


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