Spectacular DreamWorks Theatre Opening at Universal Studios Hollywood


Universal Studios Hollywood will be opening a new DreamWorks Theatre this summer.  It will pay homage to the DreamWorks animated film legacy.  The venue will include a multi-sensory adventure inspired by Kung Fu Panda, created in partnership with Universal Creative and DreamWorks’ Artists.  We went on a tour of the venue under construction with Universal Studio’s Creative Director, Jon Corfino.


While the hall is geographically where Shrek-4D used to be, Corfino emphasized the work done.  “It’s been completely been rebuilt from the inside out,” And reassures us, “No more of those seats that go ch,ch,ch.”  Therefore, the floor, seats, and screen are all completely new and in new locations.

Universal Studios built the theatre in a Mediterranean Revival style, similar to DreamWorks studios when it first opened. “This is where Dreamworks lives here at Universal,” Corfino explained.  “You’re behind the scenes here at Universal Studios and this is how studios quite often were defined architecturally at that time.”

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