Universal Studios Hollywood Unveils New Ride “Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest”



On Friday June 15th,2018 Universal Studios will open their new attraction “Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest. That Hashtag Show was lucky to check out the new attraction earlier today and it was definitely a step in the right direction for the park. We already know that  Universal studios is going to be making some changes as soon as 2019 with the closure of the Jurassic Park Ride .  

There was a special appearance from all of the Dreamworks characters, like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar’s Alex the Lion, the Penguins and Trolls’ Poppy and Branch and ofcourse the previous owners of the theater Shrek and Fiona.

The arrival of “Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest” marks the first attraction to open at The Entertainment Capital of L.A. since Universal’s recent acquisition of DreamWorks Animation.

We even got a special message from  Karen Irwin, President and COO, Universal Studios Hollywood and she was accompanied by Po’s Father who wouldn’t stop talking about noodles.

One interesting thing about the new attraction was how the whole theater was surrounded had screens all around them. We got a really fun story where we can see The Kung Fu Panda fighting off his enemies from one side of the theater to the other.


The room had  seven Christie 4K Boxer Cinema Projectors and 360 degree surround sound audio which made it super fun an immersive which really help keep you in the film. We haven’t seen anything as innovative like this at the park since the release of King Kong.



As you walk in you are presented with  36 movie posters that pay homage to DreamWorks Animation films. The waiting room where you wait to walk in is also different from when Shrek was there. All the Dreamworks characters talk to each other in the room and something tells me having them all there makes it so that they can change out the film they have showing.

This is one of the first steps Universal Studios will be taking to improve their park. I personally love the idea the theater getting a variety of shows playing would be awesome

What do you think? Will you go check it out when it opens? Steve Atwater Authentic Jersey

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