New Code Vein: Blood Veil Trailer Reveals New Weapon


Last week Bandai Namco dropped the fourth trailer to their new upcoming RPG, Code Vein: Blood Veil.

The trailer featured a new weapon called “Ivy”.

Now “Ivy” looks like something straight out of Tokyo Ghoul, with the wing/tentacle/claw thing on your back you can get nice and close or attack at a distance by making spikes come out of the floor right under your target. Check it out for yourself:



Code Vein: Blood Veil will be released for both Playstation 4 and and Xbox One on September 27th and on Steam the day after.


Now lets talk about the game bonus content:

For Playstation 4 users you get:

  • Special Code Vein X God Eater Menu Theme
  • 3 God Eater Weapons
  • (First Print Copies) Code for “Venous Claw” Weapon

“BloodThirst Edition” – The Collectors Edition for Code Vein: Blood Veil

  • All previous Pre-Order bonuses
  • Mia Karstein Statue
  • Code Vein World Report ArtBook
  • Soundtrack CD
  • “BloodThirster” Costume Set Code

Image Two



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