E3: I Got to Play Ninjala!


Ninjala is here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And it’s got plenty of both!

E3 was buzzing today and I got the chance to play Ninjala, a PVP action game for Nintendo Switch and developed by GungHo Online Entertainment. The game pits up to eight players against each other in a street arena setting. You can craft foam weapons by blowing bubble gum and use them to whack each other mercilessly.

The action includes dashing and dodging around, crawling across buildings with some parkour action, and even blowing massive gum bubbles to smack other players’ in the face. Who can say they’ve never wanted to do that?! Get whacked while blowing your big bubble though, and you’ll end up on the pavement with a face full of gum.

Though the gameplay felt a bit familiar, reminding many of games like Splatoon, its fun tone and tongue-and-cheek mechanics made it pretty enjoyable for the little time I got with it. Each character has different stats and abilities, which made it fun to replay, and there’s also some crazy ultimate abilities like my characters’ whirlwind attack you can unleash to turn the tide of battle.

I’m a sucker for fun multi-player games, especially those that allow you to jump into while hanging out on the couch with your buddy, so I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the full game when it comes out.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

Ninjala releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019. Courtland Sutton Jersey

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