Attack On Titan Has Just Confirmed An Update For The Manga


The Attack On Titan manga has been giving fans a crazy new status quo after several chapters have had shake-ups for the series. The series is getting new content in Japan that is scheduled to release July 9th.

Chapter 106 had been released, and shortly after the release, the editor of the series revealed that the manuscript for the next chapter was completed. And luckily there is a release date set for it.

As for the anime series, season 3 is premiering on July 22nd in Japan, and it will be 24 episodes long. And there’s lots of new things coming for the 3rd season, including some new faces. AOT’s director told fans this year they had a lot to look forward to for this new season during an in-studio interview:

“We really enjoyed making the anime and felt it turned out well in the end. Although the anime takes a break here, we’re still working on it. We will put our best efforts into making Season Three. Will the person wearing glasses at the end of season 2 play a part in season 3? Will everyone be able to survive? Will somebody die? It’s hard to know. Look forward to the next season. We’re still having fun making Attack on Titan.”

Source: Animemojo

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