Travis Knight Offers Exclusive Look At Bumblebee In New Featurette


Paramount Pictures have released the first featurette for the first Transformers spin-off Bumblebee. This featurette goes into detail about who the director Travis Knight is and why this movie is important to him and what inspired him to take up the role of director on this particular project.

Travis Knight is most well known for his animation background, after assisting on stop-motion films such as Coraline and Paranorman, he was then given the opportunity to direct his first feature film with the beautiful Kubo And The Two Strings. In this video, Travis Knight talks about how he is taking his experience and talents from stop-motion animation and bringing it over to live action with Bumblebee and that is what truly excites him about this film in particular.

Hailee Steinfeld in BUMBLEBEE, from Paramount Pictures.

In the video from Paramount Pictures, Travis Knight then goes on to discuss how he was a child of the 80s and he grew up with Transformers so being given the opportunity to make a film in this universe is something that clearly means a lot to him. He compares the story of this film to that of 80s era Spielberg coming of age stories and trying to capture that magic that captivated many of us when we saw films such as E.T. 

This movie is of course taking the franchise and the character back to the 80s where Transformers first came to prominence. This means that we really get to explore who Bumblebee is at his core and how he grows into the beloved character that we all know him to be, which is something that the other Transformers films never had the time to delve into. Being able to focus on this particular part of the Transformers Universe is going to help with focusing up the franchise as a whole.

You can see how enthusiastic the actors are about this too. Lead star Hailee Steinfeld teases how we get to see the titular character in his original form which we saw in the trailer as the VW Bug. John Cena was also incredibly excited to just be a part of this film as he grew up with these characters so to be able to be a part of this world is something that is incredibly special.

Bumblebee releases in December later this year and after Paramount released the trailer a couple of weeks ago, many fans have been optimistic as to the quality of this film and have been excited due to the obvious fan service present in this film. Bumblebee is obviously a throw back to the G1 era of Transformers with Bumblebee as a VW Bug and the villain appearing to be Starscream who is donning his classic red and white look for this film. Be sure to stick around here for our review of Bumblebee when the movie hits.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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