REVIEW: Emotionally Charged Man of Steel #3 Shows Superman Doesn’t Need To Punch Things For There To Be Action



What am I talking about this time: Man of Steel #3


Written by:

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Ryan Sook

Cover by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis


Overall Review: 4 out of 5 Kelex

Is it worth a 3.99? YES!


Spoiler Free Review:

Recovering from last week’s dip in execution, Man of Steel #3 returns with an emotional lead in to the big battle against Rogol Zaar, a name as silly as it is to write as it is to read. The heart of this comic is as, Richard Donner, once put it, “Verisimilitude”. Everything that happens felt more real than any comic I’ve read in a long time. The frustration Superman feels upon not being able to solve a case and his reaction to the big attack were genuine and relatable, even to a man who has god-like powers. The other element that shines in this issue is that for a comic that is simply a set-up for the big upcoming find in the next issue, this comic easily stands alone as a solid story with some core moments that work on their own. If there is one drawback to this comic it seems to be the continuing abrupt endings to scenes that leave you very unsatisfied.


Spoilery Review:

For the first time ever we not only start on a different plant other than Krypton… but the comic actually starts where it says it starts. Earth. Rogol Zaar has arrived at the Fortress of Solitude where does some serious damage, busting the place to hell along with Kelex and Kandor. This guys hates things that start with K, especially Krypton and Kleenex.

Back in Metropolis, Superman is still investigating the fire with the fire-chief and another friend…The Batman. This is a great scene discussing Superman’s frustration in not being able to solve this despite all his powers. Batman is oddly talkative, but other than that, great dialogue.

Suddenly, Superman flies away to find the fortress is utterly destroyed. Supergirl shows up moments later and another fantastic beat follows between them as Superman morns the loss of Kandor and protecting his people and his heritage.

We have a quick cut back to when Lois and Jon disappeared and the bug like thing opens to reveal a shadowed figure… I’m guessing Brainiac or a variation there of cause of the 3 green dots… either way this aspect of the story is literally moving in 1 page per issue and it’s not nearly as interesting as the rest, I hope this pays off, cause the set up is getting too big (long) to be worth it.

He tells Supergirl to et the ones she loves to safety and join him to tack down this enemy, he flies to metropolis and is blasted off balance, caught by Supergirl, they turn to face the villain, Rogol Zaar. Senio Kelemete Authentic Jersey

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