Review: Coda #2 Betrayal And A Daughter’s Duty For Father’s Day


Just in time for the holiday weekend Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara bring you Coda 2. In this second issue of the twisted fantasy world Hum makes a new old friend and eats ass.

The tale continues

As we reunite with Hum he is explaining his version of events to his long-lost wife. However, we see what really unfolded that got him imprisoned in Ridgetown. Making a deal with the leader of the town Hum stops the pentacorn from leveling the city and accepts exile and his life. Blindfolded, bruised and wandering the wasteland, a mysterious figure has stopped Nag and taken in Hum into their sanctuary.

Hum is awakened by a disembodied voice welcoming him to feast on the gourmet delicacies laid out before him. A pleasant wizard greets him and welcomes him to his wizard tower. After filling up on odd tasting fare Hum begins to document his current situation for his love. Hearing a commotion coming from another room we see the wizard in distress. Hum begins to help the choking wizard when he is attacked by a familiar adversary. It is Notch who we saw at the beginning of this series giving chase to Hum. She attacks Hum believing that he is accosting the weary wizened wizard, who turns out to be her father. Seeing that he is not harmed Notch thanks Hum with a punch that knocks him unconscious.

Our protagonist comes to with Notch perusing through his journal. Notch frees Hum who tags along for chore duty as she proceeds to explain how she and her father came to be where they are. Taking advantage of this distraction she incapacitates Nag just as her posse arrives in a mobile city that makes the upcoming Mortal Engines look tiny. She tells Hum that they will go after his score in Ridgetown and he should stay away for his own good.

We learn more about the Quench in this issue and how it has affected this land. Notch has a long dialogue with Hum where us the audience are filled into the differences between the time before and after this event. We still do not know who caused it or how it came to be, but I am certain that by the end of this 12 issue run we will have one glorious tale unfolded.

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