Reveiw: Boom! Studios: By Night #1


Today is new comic book day and what should you be picking up? You should be pick up Boom! Studios new series: By Night #1 written by John Allison (Giant Days) and artist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time), not only it is an enjoyable read, but it also keeps you on your toes on what the relationship between the main characters in the story. Although main characters have been friends before, they haven’t seen each other for quite some time, until now.

The Story opens with Jane Langstaff, who works in a commercial lab, and she is talking with her co-worker who is narrating her career and also dinner. While Jane goes to find something to eat she runs into her an old friend, Heather who is sitting on the stairs in front of Jane’s job. While they reminisce about what they have been up to in life, Heather invites Jane to hang out after she gets out of work, Jane hesitantly agrees, which gives their friendship a bit of a mystery as to what happened between them. Heather obviously has something up her sleeve and wants Jane to join in on an adventure.

Later that night Heather takes Jane to a now abandoned estate, while they investigate the place, going through paperwork and what not, they find a huge movie like projector. Heather suggest to snap off the lever to use to smash cabinets with, but Jane goes against the suggestion, they get into a bit of a fight and accidentally turn on the machine. What happens next is the machine opens a mysterious portal and like a drop of a hat Heather enters the portal and Jan follows after.

Its a fun read and leaves you on a cliffhanger to what this portal leads these two characters too, whether its a different dimension and who and what will they run into and was this planned by Heather this whole time? Check out this issue, comes out June 13 at a comic book store near you!


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