E3: We Got to Play Mario Tennis Aces!


As usual, Nintendo showed up big for E3 and, while most of the attention was bogarted by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there were plenty of other great games to sample, including the seventh entry into the Mario Tennis franchise, Mario Tennis Aces.

While boasting everything that made the previous games fun, this new version adds some fun new elements to the table, including new environments, new updated graphics (obviously), and new characters, each bringing their own skills to the table such as speed, strength and trickiness.

I had the chance to play with fellow That Hashtag Show peeps Kelly, Cory, and Xander. Amidst the cheering and whining, Cory and I made no apologies as we cleaned up against Kelly and Xander, delivering aces, put-aways, and even pounding balls straight into the groin of poor Xander’s Waluigi. I played as Toad, Donkey Kong, and Boo the Ghost, and each seemed rather unique.

There were some interesting new mechanics to the levels too, including one we sampled with featured hovering mirrors. Hitting a ball into one of these magically teleports it to another area of the court, so if you’re looking for something more to spice up your virtual tennis experience, it can only add to the fun.

Some other interesting features I noticed were moves like Zone Shot, a special move that lets you use motion controls to aim precise shots. These moves are powerful and allow you to perform unique techniques like damaging opponents’ racquets or running super speed around the court once your energy gauge has charged. Don’t worry, you can also block these shots!

All in all, Mario Tennis Aces was a fun time, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun night with friends.

Check out more information on the game here:

Mario Tennis Aces comes to Nintendo Switch June 22, 2018. Budda Baker Jersey

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