E3 2018 Day 1: Game Rating Round Up- All The Games We Played And The One That Played Us


Game: Kingdom Hearts III

By: Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Console(s): PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Release Date: January 29, 2019

How Long Did I play: 10min or an hour?! Forever?

Rating: 2 out of 5

Some Footage For Ya:


Wow, what a disappointment. Here’s my take on KH3, First off, I played the 1st KH and loved it, even ordered a set of the keys. I started on the second, but never finished it, no good reason there. That said, I hop on the system with a crowd behind me cause everyone wanted to play it. So, it’s a sequence where you are running up a mountain as the The Mountain King (A two-headed rock Titan) from Hercules throws rocks at you. You are literally running up the side of a mountain. You do this by pushing a button. Just one. Then you dodge by moving the stick right or left. I was immediately bored because this level of complexity went on for a while and was really repetitious. Then you hop over a precipice and single button fight a bunch of small Shadows. Repeat this process two or three times… or run past them and just keep climbing, when you get to the top you single button fight the Titan’s rock foot. There is almost no chance of dying and it takes a while and is really repetitive. You hit one foot for a bit, he raises it. You hit the other foot, start over. There is a cut scene with Toy Story that goes on forever. I looked over and saw everyone looking at their watches down the line while on the stations during their cut scenes too… they were ahead of me so I knew I wasn’t near done.

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