E3 2018 Day 1: Game Rating Round Up- All The Games We Played And The One That Played Us



Game: Earthfall

By: Holospark

Console(s): Xbox One

Release Date:July 13, 2018!

How Long Did I play: 1 hour, 2 full campaign missions, each 30min

Rating: 3 out of 5

Some Footage For Ya:


Left For Dead was one of my favorite games back in the day, and here it is again, only with aliens and movable barriers. I felt bad for the developers as everyone kept saying that same thing over and over again to them. I started ina  forrst park, found a shed, fought some easy aliens. Then more easy aliens. Then one alien that made the other aliens stronger, then fought a big strong alien that when you killed left poison smoke behind where it was… you get it. Left for dead.

It looks great, it plays fine and there are some fun tricks up their sleeve lie a 3d printer to make your weapons… but all in all, it didn’t do much for me, and after playing both single player and co-op missions.

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