Comic Strips Can Save A Life In Dry County #4


A radical choice has lead Lou Rossi one step closer to finding Janet in Dry County #4.

In the previous issue Rossi put in his newspaper comic strip a way for Janet and himself to communicate.  He directed the comic at her by naming a character after her and making it look like her. The final part of the plan was to leave the final line blank and ask readers to suggest the punchline.

This was a longshot and he was barely able to get it in the newspaper.  However, it worked and he got a response he thought was from her. It said to ask Earl about her.  This is the break he needed because he thought it was probably her ex-boyfriend Cliff who took her, but it turns out it was the more recent ex.

Rossi needs more information to find out where she is being held and any other clues she can give him.  However, Rossi’s boss is not having it and this is the last time he will run his comic in the paper because they need the ad space.

We also now have a better idea of who the blonde girls are who tried to kill Rossi.  He is now able to keep better track of them and have someone follow them.

I am still really enjoying this comic.  It is moving pretty slowly and it could be sped up, but I like the pace.  The mystery is slowly unraveling and each issue is giving me just enough to satisfy me.  However, I can see getting tired with the current pace after much longer.

Rossi is really in love with Janet and is doing some great amatuer detective work.  When I say great I mean hilariously amatuer, but it is working which is good. This Janet girl is still making my spidey-sense go off.  I really think this is just a set-up to play Rossi and she kidnapped herself. We have no proof of that but I can just feel it in my bones.

When reading this comic I have possible solutions for finding Janet and what she is possibly up to with this kidnapping.  However, the really good part is I still think about this comic when I am not reading it. I think the real mark of this comic’s merit is me thinking about it when it is not right in front of me.

This comic has a twist and turn in every issue and ends with a new cliffhanger at the end of every issue.  The end of this issue is no different and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Issue after issue this comic has delivered for me and I highly suggest reading this series for any crime mystery fans.  The only problem is the series is heavy on mystery, but is light on the crime aspect.






Written by: Rich Tommaso

Art by: Rich Tommaso

Cover by: Rich Tommaso

Release: 6/13/18

Issue: 4

Publisher: Image Comics

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