An All-New Live-Action Aeon Flux Series Is Coming To MTV


If you watched MTV back in the 90’s, then you will have remembered an animated show called Aeon Flux, which was usually stylized as Æon Flux. And a new report from The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis is going to be penning the script and executive producing it alongside The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd, who wasn’t attached to the original animated series, but she did produce the 2005 film that starred Charlize Theron.

The plot for the series is that it’s going to be set in a future dystopian state, and it’s revolving around a young assassin who is going to be teaming up with a group of biohacking rebels to help save humanity, and that’s also how she will become know as Aeon Flux.

We don’t have any news on when filming is said to be starting, or when it will be released, but I think if they want it released either by the end of the year or next fall they are going to want to start shooting it soon but I haven’t seen the original show, so I’m so excited to see how this turns out.

Source: Comic Book Movie, The Hollywood Reporter

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