A Gargoyle’s Live-Action Reboot?!

It’s a land of reboots and reimaginings here in Hollywood ladies and gentlemen. Turns out, cartoons are no exception. With the success of the “reimagined” Ducktales we have learned that our childhood cartoons are also not safe, but I’m okay with it.

Premiering in 1994, the Disney’s animated series, Gargoyles, told the story of a group of medieval creatures who reside in Scotland in the year 994. After being betrayed and killed by humans, the remaining Gargoyles are cursed to “sleep” until they “rise above the clouds.” After “sleeping” for 1000 years, the statues are moved to New York City, the curse is broken, and they wake up in a modern day NYC, forced to adapt to their new environment, and ultimately become local heroes. The show was canceled after 3 season.

However, it seems Goliath and the gang might be making a comeback! According to The Ankler writer Richard Rushfield, Jordan Peele (Get Out) wants to reboot the Gargoyle’s Animated Series!

“How do you turn down Jordan Peele? Well, you can’t. Who wants to be responsible for that decision? So in the absence of a good reason to say no, but prevented by their Big IP box from saying yes, Disney is slow walking the decision. It’s hoping, it seems, that they’ll run out the clock, he’ll sign other deals elsewhere, and the project will just fade away.”

This isn’t the first time Disney has considered rebooting Gargoyles. Back in 2010, it was reported that the series was in development for a movie that eventually fizzled. With a powerhouse like Peele, and Disney being on the Live-Action kick, it’s possible that a reboot of this franchise could spell success!

Source: Slash Film





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