STAR WARS THEORY: Is This How Snoke Comes Back In Episode IX?


The biggest shocker in The Last Jedi was hands down the quick and easy death of Supreme Leader Snoke. Not only did he really not put up a fight but he died with having no real back story what so ever. Fans blame a lot of this on not only the director Rian Johnson but most of all on Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy. When Disney announced a new trilogy and that each film would have a different director, it was a bit weird to have a full trilogy made by 3 directors that have completely different styles. With the success of The Force Awakens, it probably would have been the wiser choice to have him make all three that way the story was more fluid and consistent. I personally loved the Last Jedi but you and I know it was a completely different story than Awakens.

With the firing of Collin Trevorrow and re hiring of Abrams, there is hope with all these fans that hated Jedi with a passion. They with a doubt think that Abrams will correct all of Johnson’s “wrongs”, these include giving Snoke a proper story, Luke becoming a Force ghost and Rey having credible parents. And since JJ is bringing all these back how about we finally get some Knights Of Ren footage!? Well StaR Wars Theorist Mike Zeroh thinks we are getting all of this and more. Late last week two “scenes” from Episode IX storyboards were leaked and Zeroh gives details of what they were.

Mike Zeroh said: “We also learned about concept art and storyboard descriptions involving Snoke for Episode 9 looking down upon a young boy within a hallway.

“Now a similar new description of storyboards involves Supreme Leader Snoke and a black-shaded figure I believe to be Kylo Ren. That figure is holding a lightsaber in front of Snoke except the lightsaber is not complete.”

“I think a big element in this movie will be this detailed storytelling of Kylo Ren’s past on his path to becoming who he is in the sequel trilogy.”

Abrams already used thrilling Forceback visions to add depth to the Force Awakens, so it seems likely he will do the same in Episode 9.

It is said that Abrams will finally give us a proper Kylo Ren story and that means it would include The Knights OF Ren. With production on Episode IX starting next month I’m sure we will get more and more leaks from the set. Chris Doleman Authentic Jersey

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