E3: Gotta Catch Em’ All! Pokeball Plus Mew Is Coming To You!


With the announcement of the new Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee games and thier interactivity between the Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Go systems. Nintendo unveiled a new peripheral to go along with the Let’s Go games the new Pokeball Plus! This device is like the old Pokewalker from HeartGold and SoulSilver but on “Poke-roids.” It works not only as a Joy-Con for in game use but also can be used to transfer your Pokemon out of the game and take them around town with you.


We haven’t heard about what the benefits of taking your Pokemon out for a stroll will do for them in game but it’s a nice plus. We’ve also learned that the rumble feature in the Pokeball Plus will be stronger than your standard Joy-Con. But Most importantly, you will already have Mew in the pokeball as soon as you buy it off the shelf. You can even turn it on on your way home and hear the little guy inside.


What else can it do?  (Our Hopes and Speculations)

What’s inside?!

As shown in the trailer connecting your Nintendo Switch to your Pokemon Go is going to play a big role. In fact, you’ll receive a special gift, we don’t know what is is just yet but knowing you can transfer Pokemon from Go to Lets Go does it work the other way around? Can you finally complete your Kanto Pokedex with #151? Without having to jump through the tons of ridiculous amount of field research in Pokemon Go? Will this new Pokeball Plus work WITH Pokemon Go much a kin to the Pokemon Go Plus did? Could you use it as a controller of some sort in another game?


Our biggest worry about this will be its availability. When the Pokemon Go Plus came out it was gone in a flash. Between gamers and scalpers hoarding them up the supply did not match the demand at all. Hopefully Nintendo will make a course correction and have plenty ready for release.





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