STAR WARS THEORY: Can Qi’ra Be Rey’s Mother?


Here we are again taking another guess as to who Rey’s mother is. Well this time its Qi’ra. Think back to the Force Awakens when Rey meets Han Solo. She first mentions the Millennium Falcon and then says that he’s Han Solo. Finn calls him a war hero which is what pretty much everyone knows him by but Rey corrects him and says, “No the smuggler.” Odd isn’t it. She then proceeds to mention the Kessel Run but not the fact that Han aided the rebellion in destroyed the Death Star…twice. Why? Because her mother was ON the Kessel Run. She knew

Han Solo when he WAS a smuggler and not THE war hero. Also not to mention Rey’s original name was supposed to be Kira. Kylo Ren calls her supposed parents “junk traders”…you know who traded junk once? Qi’ra and Han on Corellia. Han may or may not be the father but it’s very possible that Qi’ra is the mother.

I’m sure in the next year we will finally know who Rey’s Mother finally is, whether it be from novels or even Episode IX itself. I feel like there’s way more to learn about Qi’ra now in general. Will she take over Crimson Dawn after Maul dies? Does she leave Dawn all together? I can’t wait to find out! Paul Pierce Authentic Jersey

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