Fallout 76 Is the Online Multiplayer Game I Have Been Waiting For My Whole F’ing Life


E3 2018 might as well be over guys, pack it up, upload your trailers, and go home cause Bethesda just nuked the video game world with their presentation of Fallout 76. After a brief and comedic look back at the history of E3 itself, followed by a funny sketch about playing Skyrim on an Alexa (which is apparently real and I will be playing as soon as I’m done writing this), we were given the single greatest presentation since John Hancock outdid his constitutes on the Declaration of Independence.


A kick-ass brown leather jacket, being held up by Game director,      , tossed out game details like they were Bethesda drink cozies and showed a multitude of multimedia clips of gameplay, how to’s, and demos. There wasn’t a dry eye or unsoiled underwear in the house.

Because everyone cried and shit themselves.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the trailer…

It took me about 3 syllables of Ron Perlman’s voice before tears streamed down my face… and when I saw that T-51 Power Armor Helmet, I dropped a few bombs of my own.


Ok, Here’s the details (better have another change of pants ready), Fallout 76 puts you in a West Virginia a mere 300 years after the bombs dropped, making this a prequel to the entire Fallout series. This is not the world of Fallout as we have known it, it is a wilder, more untamed world and you place in this new old wasteland is to tame it under your powered armor heel. As the first people to free themselves from Vault 76, it lands on your bobble-headed shoulders to make America Great Again. (See what I did there?!) But seriously, you need to re-build the country… with help. The Multiplayer kind. The online Multiplayer kind.


Fallout 76 is “entirely online” and every person is a real human playing the game.

Now, if you are like me, you’re thinking, “Screw this, I don’t want some 10 year old killing me and taking my shit every 20min like some other games (ARK: Survival Evolved, I’m looking at you!) We’ll sit back in your sloshy britches my friend, Bethesda has you covered because this isn’t a massive multiplayer game, instead of sharing a world with thousands of people, you will share the word with a few dozen… of your friends. And when you get sick of your friends or don’t have any, the option to play solo is available as well.


There is a down side, as a survival game, you’ll be doing some building and, honestly, I was a big fan of the last fallout’s town building system. That said, however, this “softcore survival game” does have some perks that have drawn me in. Dying doesn’t mean you lose all your in-game progression or your character.

So yay, nerfing! I mean that… those 10 year olds are vicious.


This game also looks better than its predecessors… a literal 16 times better, “We always start with the world, and this time, it starts with new lighting, rendering and landscape technology.” With six different regions to explore, new creatures (finally) to fight based on West Virginia folklore.


And if that’s not enough, Fallout Shelter is now on the PS4 and switch for free… like right now (it’s almost done downloading next to me so I have time to finish this article). And the very special Fallout 76 editions will come with you’re very own wearable, head lamp functional, voice modulating T-51 Power Armor Helmet. I’m not sure the cost, but I do know my kid’s college education isn’t as important as that helmet; I don’t care what my wife says (please don’t leave me, babe… at least, until the game comes out, then I wouldn’t notice anyway.)

The game drops on November 14th 2018… THIS November!!! (Yury, quit your job, grab the harmonica… we have some gaming to do) but the “Break it Early Test Application,” AKA Beta, comes out sooner.

Note: No refunds were offered for dirty pants at the presentation, That Hashtag Show has reached out to Bethesda for a comment. Jakub Vrana Jersey

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