Exclusive: Which Power Rangers Are Returning For The 25th Anniversary Team Up?


For the remaining two spots we’re gonna let you guys guess but here are some definite possibilities BUT WE CON NOT CONFIRM THEY ARE ON THE SHOW. It won’t be all four of these Rangers, but we’re under good authority that two of the Rangers are in this group. We are also told that one of the Lightspeed Rangers would be showing up too so we included our list of possibilities.

Steven Skyler/ Antonio

Bring back Antonio would be a nice addition seeing as he can represent the Neo-Saban era alongside Gia.

Patricia Ja Lee/ Cassie

We heard rumors that Patricia Ja Lee would be returning to the show, but could not confirm that she was one of the 10 Rangers returning.

Alison MacInnis/ Dana

We know that Alison returned to the 20th anniversary episode but her name has been one that we’ve heard was floating around.

Rhett Fisher/ Ryan

We think it makes a ton of sense to bring back the first American created Ranger to the show, the Titanium Ranger!

Sean CW Johnson/ Carter

Sean appeared in the 20th anniversary episode of the Power Rangers, so we would put him low on the list but we can definitely see Carter making his presence felt in the 25th anniversary episode.






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