Exclusive: Which Power Rangers Are Returning For The 25th Anniversary Team Up?


This has been a major year for the Power Rangers. Not only do the celebrate their 25th anniversary but by mid 2018 the franchise will leave it’s original production company, Saban and move to their new home, Hasbro. Before the acquisition fully takes place, Saban already had plans set in motion for a massive team up that will be taking place in this season of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. During a recent article on Power Rangers Now, they cited us as a source for a list of Rangers that would be returning and we decided to set the record straight.

During interviews with past Rangers we were able to find out some of the Rangers that would be donning the spandex more more time. At New York Comic-Con Jason David Frank expressed his interest in returning stating, “The reunion episode was eh, all right, we saved it with the Green Ranger Bat in the Sun, but you know with the Ninja Steel, I know there are a lot of helmets, and I wish I could be part of it.” Having Tommy Oliver return to the show only makes sense since he’s the most popular Ranger of all-time. Another past Ranger that played coy with us during a panel was Ciara Hanna, the Yellow Megaforce Ranger. From her answer and body language she all but confirmed she would be returning to team up with the Ninja Steel team. We also found out that Li Ming Hu, Gemma from Power Rangers RPM would be returning when her former cast mate Mike Ginn dropped the news on us. Here’s what Mike had to say:

THS: This is the 25 year of Power Rangers. Quite ironic actually, and rumor has it former Rangers are coming back. Have you heard about this?

Mike Ginn: I have heard about it.  I heard…

THS: I’ve heard a rumor. Do you want to clear one up for me?

Mike Ginn: What’s the rumor and I’ll see if I want to clear it up.

THS: That Gemma could possibly be coming back this season.

Mike Ginn: Let me tell you that I heard the same rumor and I heard the same rumor from [Unnamed Ranger that is also coming back this season].

THS: Uh huh. So, you’re kind of confirming something.

Mike Ginn: Wait, I’m not gonna… I’m not even with Saban anymore. Yeah, [Unnamed Ranger that is also coming back this season] told me Gemma was going to be in the episode.

Not only do we have these interviews to back up our claims for returning Rangers, but a source close to production told us everyone who is returning and we’re going to fill you guys in. There will be 10 past Rangers in total coming back returning to the series and now we’re going to let you know who 8 out of the 10 are and speculation with the remaining 2 Rangers.


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