Ellie Is Out For Revenge : Last of Us II Trailer and Game Play Released


Back in 2013 Naughty Dog the company that brought us the Uncharted Franchise gave us a new action adventure game called Last of Us. The game was a survival game that is set in a post apocalyptic world. But what is interesting about this world is that we get introduced to zombie-like inhabitants. They are humans affected by a strand of fungus that gives them cannibalistic traits.

The Story revolves around Joel and a little girl named Ellie that he must bring across the country because she may be key. The game was said to be one of the best games that came out that year and even spawned a spinoff story for Ellie. So it only made sense for Naughty Dog to make a sequel. In December 2016 we got the announcement that we would finally see what happened to our favorite survivors.

During Sony’s E3 conference we got another glimpse of what is to come from probably the most anticipated games. Back in 2016 we got a teaser trailer for the sequel and it gave us chills. The music and theme for series rings true with the last trailer and it just keeps us wanting more.

Today we got to see a continuation of that story and it is actually more revealing then we thought. In the last trailer back in 2016 we see Ellie surrounded by bodies and her playing a song on a guitar. Then Joel ask if she really wants to go through with it. But what was he talking about? We finally get the answer two years later…


In the new trailer we see that Ellie is grown up and is part of a community. Joel is also there because a boy mentions that he got chewed out by Joel about his duties.

In this trailer we get to see the characters at peace and part of a community that seems to be working well together. The trailer starts off in a party environment and we get a glimpse of some of the struggles Ellie will be facing in this game, mainly her sexuality.

What Naughty Dog does well is character development and integrating it into a very well put together game. In the first game we don’t know much about what is out there outside of Ellie and Joel’s spectrum. But here we finally see that they found a safe place to be and a group of people they can trust.

This makes it even more disheartening to see the last trailer with Ellie surrounded by dead bodies and determined to get revenge. This leads me to believe something bad happens and she has to take revenge on the people she lost.

We cut to the game play where we see Ellie going full assassin on a group of people who seem to be out of their mind.

From what we they show it seems the mechanics of the game are exactly how we remember them. There is nothing wrong with that i loved how intuitive the controls were. One of the best features of the games is the crafting of weapons on the spot.

One thing we can look forward to is the great characters we are going to meet. And i cant wait to see who the villain of this story will be.

Are you excited for the sequel? Will you pick it up when it releases?


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