Disneyland To Offer Rare Discounted Park Admission This Summer


In honor of  National Best Friends Day (yes it’s a real thing voted on back in 2011), Disneyland is offering a chance for Annual Passholders to bring their best friends, ride-or-dies, frenemies, or even someone they just chatted up on the tram, to the park and get them an impressive 40% of their price of admission on a 1-day Park Hopper!

This move is surprising, given that Disney has made no secret of the fact that APs, especially from the surrounding areas of Orange County and Southern Los Angeles, often push the park’s capacity to the limit. Although, if you look at which APs are able to access the parks, all but the most expensive tiers of passes are blocked out for most of the summer. I see you, Disney…I see you.

Perhaps it’s an attempt by Disney to squeeze a few more visit from those APs who would normally opt to stay away from the crowds, and sweltering heat of summer in Anaheim.

I imagine it might go a little something like this:

AP: Hey FRIEND, let’s go to Disneyland!

FRIEND: No way, bro! It’s free for you, but it will cost me almost 200 bucks!

AP: Hold up, yo! Now, I get you 40% off! What a deal!

FRIEND: That’s still a lot of money, lets just go to Knott’s, it’s cheaper–

disneyAP: Buh buh buh, hey zip it.

FRIEND: zip i dee doo dah, you owe me a corndog!

AP: Boom, baby!

The Fine Print: 

APs may purchase up to 2 discounted 1-Day Park Hopper tickets with a valid Annual Passport. Discounted tickets can be purchased at the Disneyland Resort Main Entrance ticket booths or Disney Desk locations at participating Good Neighbor Hotels, for day of visit only now through September 3, 2018.

Special Passholder Ticket Prices

  • Value Park Hopper Price: $89
  • Regular Park Hopper Price: $99
  • Peak Park Hopper Price: $109

Disneyland Resport will be unblocking select dates in June, giving lower tiered Passholders more time to celebrate “friendship and beyond” at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Park!

Source: Disneyland.com





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