Stephen Colbert Creates STAR WARS Trailer For Sexist, Racist FANBOYS


Could you imagine an all female cast in a STAR WARS movie? Well if you do your’e in luck! Earlier last week it was mentioned that Kelly Marie Tran had disabled her Instagram account because of constant harassment from fans that trolled her for her race and weight. Well HUGE Star Wars fan and Late Show host Stephen Colbert decided to poke fun and fight back at those awful “Star Wars” fans and brings up the question What would an female Star Wars cast looks like? In this hilarious video Rey and Rose dominate the next Star Wars film and oh yeah those damn Porgs are staying “woke”.

As soon as news broke out about the fan harassing, celebs and true fans have run to Tran’s defense and have spoken up in solidarity. From fan made videos to fan made art, it’s good to know that there are fans that couldn’t let this stand. After seeing this Colbert video, it would be hilarious to see Chewbacca as female this whole time. The fans would probably die of disgust and I love it. Tran is the first woman of color to have a leading role in a “Star Wars” film. And she did a damn great Robert Woods Jersey

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