Sony Playstation’s DAYS OF PLAY Sale For The US Is Pretty Lame


E3 is like the first Black Friday sale for Playstation and Xbox owners. Both companies have slashed prices across the board on consoles, controllers, games, and other major accessories. If you have been itching for a next gen console then the time to pull the trigger is now. Xbox is offering their Xbox One S 500gb console for only $199, but always go to the 1tb console if you can. Going Gold will only cost you $1 for a month. While both companies are also slashing prices on games, and DLCs something seems to be off about Playstation’s digital games sale.

Sony’s Days of Play sale boasted “epic deals” across the board, and although one can’t help but marvel at the limited edition console their selection of games in the Playstation Store leaves something to be desired. The sale began yesterday in both the US, and the EU yesterday. While the EU store displays over 150 games on sale (discounted 15-75%), the US only displays a library of 43 games on sale. It’s tempting to purchase The Last of Us at $9.99, but most longtime Playstation owners have already purchased the title. In fact, it only seems like the games that are on sale in the US are those that were highly anticipated thus the majority of fans have already purchased them, much to their dismay at the lack of savings potential.

Sony/Playstation is being oddly quiet about the vast difference in selection between the US and the EU stores. Many have taken to social media for answers.

Time will only tell, but perhaps the EU stores received the entire sale inventory all at once while other territories will slowly get access to new games on sale daily.  If it gives you any comfort, the EU Days of Play sale hurts the soul, but not the wallet. Saquon Barkley Jersey

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