REVIEW: Star Wars #49 Continues To Be The Star Wars We Want, Not The One We Deserve (That Was Last Jedi)



What am I talking about this time: Star Wars #49 – Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part VI

Writer- Kieron Gillen

Penciller- Salvador Larroca

Inker- Salvador Larroca

Letterer- Clayton Cowles

Colorist- Guru Efx

Cover artist- David Marquez, Matthew Wilson

Editor- Mark Paniccia


Overall Review: 4 out of 5 Tie Bombers

Is it worth a $3.99? Do Nerfs Like to be herded? (yes, yes they do)


Spoiler Free Review:

Let’s face it, Kieron Gillen is making the Star Wars we’ve been wanting Disney’s Film division to make. He killed it on Darth Vader and this series is no exception. He gets Star Wars, but more importantly, he gest storytelling- balancing huge world…er galaxy building, massive space battles, and huge set-pieces along side intimate character moments and individual heroics. The art is grand when it needs to and tight when asked of it. The pace of the story is quick without getting muddled and still feels as epic as any movie.


Spoilery Review:

This adventure takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, filling in the galaxy’s reaction to the Death Star’s destruction as the Empire attempts to tighten its grip on the core-systems. Meanwhile, our main cast is trying to recruit more aid to the Rebellion. Mon Cala has been the target of both sides in this arc and everything is coming to a head as the Empire’s planetwide blockade is re-enforced. Luke, Leah, Han, Chewie, and Tunnga are helping Admiral Akbar and the Mon Cala fleet escape the blockade. This is a great space battle, something I am a sucker for with both large splash pages and small panels used to show how dire things are getting for our heroes. Akbar needs more time to formulate a plan and the Milenium Falcon is giving it to him.

There’s a great moment between Leah and Luke/Han where they want to teach her to shoot, something she is already well versed in.

Just as things look bleakest, Wedge and the Rebels show up with some much needed support. Akbar concocts a plan to use a ship loaded with Coaxium to draw the fire of the Imperial navy, which explodes upon being attacked breaking the blockade and allowing the Rebel Alliance and it’s new Mon Cala fleet to escape.

While our heroes have escaped, the Empires retribution on the planet of Mon Cala is swift and terrible.


I’d like to quickly address something here. I’ve heard tell that some people think there is a ref to Rogue One’s (in the trailer at least), “This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel.” Spoken by Jyn Erso.

But if it is, I don’t see the connection. It’s too thin as you can see in the panel below. Also, the word Rebel or a form of it appears at least 7 times in the comic, so I’m not sure where this random theory is coming from- especially because later in the comic, Leia directly references her own moment from Rogue One when, after reflecting back on the mission she says it’s a fleet built on hope. Yes, she uses the same word, just as the “I Rebel” theory, But Leia is using it in a similar fashion to her past self, hence a throwback…

Two last thoughts… why does Trios look like Amy Schumer in her double cross reveal?

Second, this is Star Wars #49… Check out what the title of the 1981 Star Wars #49 was…

Waaaaah, The Last Jedi!!!  It was a spoiler about Luke in 1981!!!!! Rashard Robinson Womens Jersey

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