REVIEW: Man of Steel #2 Treads Water, Doesn’t Sink But Goes Nowhere



What am I talking about this time: Man of Steel #2


Written by: Brian Michael Bendis

Art by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis

Cover by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis


Overall Review: 3 out of 5 Ambush Bugs


Is it worth a 3.99? Yeah, but just barely. Better in a collection, but this is Bendis’s big DC run, so… worth it.


Spoiler Free Review:

Not much to say here; the art and writing remain consistently good, the villain remains consistently generic. There’s a fun bunch of Easter Eggs in this issue, but other than that eh.


Spoilery Review:


We once again start on Krypton, label it, and immediately jump away to another location. This time the Oan Guardian is talking to Lord Gandelo. The crystal being blames the Guardian for Krypton’s destruction claiming Rogol Zaar did it. The Oan basically says that if he did, what can they do without his retribution. The Gaurdian also believes… hopes Rogol died in Krypton’s explosion as well.


Back on Earth, everyone in the Daily Planet is rumoring about Lois and Clark…. Still. Over in Central City, Superman takes out The Toyman in a giant robot, Green Lantern shows up in the aftermath and expresses concern of Superman being late to a Justice League meeting and his family. Superman brushes him off and flies away. We flash back to Superman’s family again only to see a few more seconds of how they disappeared (If the did). The light we saw earlier is emitting from a crazy golden bug like ship.

We cut away to space, in the far end of the Vega System, for the only part of this issue that got my blood pumping! A special appearance by AMBUSH BUG!!!!! It’s only one panel, but AMBUSH BUG!!!!!!

Anyway, the scene isn’t about him, it’s about the crappily named Rogol grabbing a drink when he notices a necklace on a shrine to Superman, he recognizes the S symbol as Kryptonian and learns of Kal-El’s existence. Back on Earth again, Superman puts out another fire in Metropolis, then zooms over to the Daily Planet to turn in his story. There we see Perry is despondent as the Planet has been sold, but they don’t know to who. He needs a story, the other planet workers think he should focus on Lois Lane’s disappearance, but he doesn’t want to. I love this shot of Clark’s ill fitting pin stripe suit with awkward tie. Great detail.

Now, we come to the last panel and the worst thing about this issue. Lobo, I mean, Rogol is bearing down on the earth on a motorcycle. Just like Lobo. Cause this looks like Lobo. Why isn’t this just Lobo?

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