Kevin Feige Teases Post-Avengers 4 Plans And When We Will See Ms. Marvel In The MCU


In a recent interview, Kevin Feige discussed whats to come in the future of the MCU following Avengers 3 and went on to tease the future for Kamala Khan a.k.a: Ms. Marvel in the MCU.

As it stands right now, we do not know much about what Marvel plans for the MCU past Avengers 4, besides the Spider-Man sequel and the third instalment of Guardians Of The Galaxy, we really have no clue what the future holds for the largest cinematic universe in the history of film. However Kevin Feige has given us some small little details as to what could be coming in the coming years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. detailed the interview. Firstly Kevin Feige spoke of continuing story lines with characters we already know. As of Phase 3, the MCU has introduced plenty of new heroes that will pave the way for the future of this universe similarly to how Iron Man and Captain America did in Phase 1. You just have to look at the movies we received in the last few years to get a good idea of who these characters are that Kevin Feige was talking about. Characters like Doctor Strange, having a successful first outing and being incredibly off the back of Avengers Infinity War. Characters like the yet to be revealed Captain Marvel: who will introduce an all new female element to the MCU and will be a key player in Avengers 4. However you don’t get much bigger than Black Panther who’s solo film took the world by storm and you can guarantee that Marvel will be putting a big emphasis on T’Challa as the MCU grows in the future.



Kevin Feige also discussed “different incarnations of characters you know”. This no doubt refers to things such as the mantle of Captain America being passed down to another character once Chris Evans ultimately retires from the MCU or if Steve Rogers bites the bullet in Avengers 4. Whether the mantle goes to Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson is yet to be seen, but you can guarantee that Captain America will be sticking around but Steve Rogers will not be the one bearing the shield. Kevin Feige could also be hinting at Kamala Khan who has been announced to be joining the MCU very soon, could also be taking over the role of Captain Marvel in the near future.

The final thing Kevin Feige was talking about was how they will be continuing to introduce characters from the comics. This is something we have come to expect from Marvel. Given that the MCU will be constantly growing and expanding, we are going to keep needing fresh faces to keep the universe feeling unique after all these years of films. So it’s safe to say we will be getting new characters introduced in their own standalone films to consistently spearhead the future of the MCU.

So it is clear to see that Marvel have got plans for the future of the MCU after Avengers 4. While they are not quite ready to share the details with us just yet, at least we can take comfort in knowing that everything is planned out for the next few years. Also we are still waiting to see whether Marvel will acquire the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four; should the Disney-Fox Merger go through. Whatever Marvel has got planned for us in the future, we know that they will continue to deliver quality entertainment no matter what.


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