E3 2018: New BattleToads Game Coming To Xbox One In 2019


One of the best surprises coming out of Microsofts E3 2018 Press conference was a teaser for a brand new Battletoads game!

The teaser doesn’t give us any idea what the plot of the game is going to be, show us any gameplay, or really show us much of anything. What we do know is that the game will feature:

  • Body-morphing genre mashups
  • Three-player couch co-op
  • 4K hand-drawn 2.5D graphics
  • Broad non-specific feature declarations!

I for one am extremely excited about the “broad non-specific feature declarations” I absolutely love when those are included in games. But really, this is an exciting announcement for several reasons. Hand drawn graphics have been becoming popular recently, due in part to last years long awaited release of Cuphead from Studio MDHR (which will also be getting an update via DLC in 2019). Also exciting is local Co-Op. that feature has been dwindling away over the past few years, making multi-player gaming slightly less of a spur of the moment social activity when hanging out with friends.

The original Battletoads came out in 1991 for the NES, and has been the subject of long, frustrating, gaming sessions by many gamers. In the game, The Battletoads have to defeat the evil Dark Queen on her planet and rescue their kidnapped partners, Pimple and Princess Angelica. Several sequels were made over the next few years for various game consoles and handheld systems, but there hasn’t been a new game released since 1994, the last attempt at a new game was in 2013 for the Gameboy Advance, but was canceled and never saw the light of day.


The game also inspired a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-esque cartoon from DIC that only got 1 episode that aired as a TV special, though they would later succeed with the equally weird Street Sharks and Extreme Dinosaurs.



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