The Clone Wars Are Finally Coming To STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2


The only thing I was really waiting for today from the Electronic Arts press conference, was all and any updates for Star Wars Battlefront 2. And EA did not disappoint. During their EA Press Play event, EA dropped the huge news that we will finally get to play on Geonosis and recreate the Clone Wars. Along with the maps, the Battlefront 2 update will include a new dogfighting mode, improved squad system and four brand new characters! You will get to play as General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku and a rat tail buzz cut young Anakin Skywalker. I’ve been waiting to play as Grievous and to wield four lightsabers and kill those pesky Jedi so this was awesome news!

With the Squad System update,”it will allow you to team up much easier and play with your friends,” which has been one of my biggest gripes with Battlefront 2 so I’m glad they’ve tried to work on this. The new Starfire game mode will allow you compete in dog fights while on your favorite hero ships. What wasn’t announced was when this update will go live, although immediately after the conference EA tweeted that an announcement is only a few months away.

During its presentation, EA acknowledged it had a “rough start,” after a heated controversy over loot boxes last November, prompting it to backtrack and overhaul its progression system. Since then Battlefront 2 has slowly headed in the right direction. With new SOLO game play releasing next week and the awesome zombie Ewok mode a couple months back, Battlefront 2 is quickly becoming one of my favorite Star Wars games to date. Mike Gesicki Jersey

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